Zacro LED Makeup Mirror-16 LED Touch Screen illuminated Vanity Cosmetic Mirror with 4 x AA batteries LED Light Up Beauty Mirror for Shaving Dressing Table Top

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Product ID:  714953980301
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Brand Name:  Zacro
Manufacturer:  Zacro

  • Modern rectangular light make up mirror – perfect for make-up, wearing contact lenses, shaving and more, easy to carry on your journey
  • Led light cosmetic vanity mirror with 16 pieces bright leds, perfect for making up all day long, even at nights
  • Double switch, handy on/off and touch sensor, battery operated so no wiring necessary – 4 x AA batteries required (included), energy saving
  • Soft halo lighting for clear, fog-free viewing, adjustable angles, show your best side, balanced facial light
  • The detachable base compartments will hold your cosmetics, jewelry, hair accessories and more, ultra high definition mirror
  • Product Description

    Zacro LED make up mirror is ideal for bleary-eyed mornings the evening before the party. The mirror stand is also equipped with a handy storage tray, for holding necessary cosmetics. Besides, this handy LED light-emitting mirror is battery operated, so no wiring is required.

    Zacro vanity mirror is 10.7 inches tall (270 mm)and 6.7 inches wide (170 mm), no need for much space. After placing the attached 4 AA batteries and tap the circle, the light will brighten. The brightest may be too bright for the eyes but believe us you might prefer more brightness. It can also be elevated and rotated to the desired position. Made of ABS material, it is very light so that you can even take it to travel!

    User Instruction:

    1. Find the two components of the mirror in the box, mount the mirror on the base before use.
    2. Before placing the batteries, make sure that the switch is in the OFF position.
    3. Open the battery compartment which is located on the back and put 4 AA batteries in. Close the battery cover.
    4. Before touching the sensor switch on the surface of the mirror, make sure that the ON / OFF button on the rear of the mirror is in the ON position.
    5. Touch the sensor switch, and the LED lights will be lit.
    6. Touch the sensor switch again, and the lights will be off.
    7. Press the Switch button to OFF position to save power after you finish use.


    Before touch the sensor switch on the surface of the mirror, please make sure the ON/OFF button located on the back of the mirror is in the ON/OFF position.


    Box Contains

    1 x Zacro LED Make Up Mirror; 1 x user manual; 4 x AA Batteries




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