Zacro 2 PCs Fitbit Charge 2 Charger Replacement USB Charger Charging Cable for Fitbit Charge 2 with Cable Cradle Dock Adapter for Fitbit Charge 2(50 cm)

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Product ID:  606794743514
Product ID Type:  upc
Manufacturer:  Zacro
Brand Name:  Zacro

  • 2 piece replacement charger cable collocates with cable cradle dock adapter for fitbit charge 2, both are 50 cm
  • Extra replacement charging cable to give your fitbit charge 2 a boost in the office, at home, in car or in travels; Only for fitbit charge 2, not for other fitbit models
  • Voltage regulator (PTC) inside: Prevent your fitbit charge 2 from being damaged by overcurrent when connected to USB power source on PC
  • The spare charging cradle adapter is flexible, which makes your smart watch charging become more convenient
  • Flexible tangle free cable and exquisite metal connector is durable, making it sufficiently robust for even the most demanding users
  • Product Description

    The Zacro 2pcs replacement usb charger charging cable with cable cradle dock adapter is a perfect replacement for lost or damaged cables of Fitbit charge 2, give your Fitbit charge 2 a boost in the office, at home or in travels. It has a pct. inside to prevent your Fitbit charge 2 from being damaged by over-current.

    Tips: Only for Fitbit charge 2, not for other Fitbit models.


    Color: Black

    Length: 50 cm

    Box Contains

    2 x Charger Cable for Fitbit Charge 2.

Zacro LED Makeup Mirror-16 LED Touch Screen illuminated Vanity Cosmetic Mirror with 4 x AA batteries LED Light Up Beauty Mirror for Shaving Dressing Table Top

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Product ID:  714953980301
Product ID Type:  upc
Brand Name:  Zacro
Manufacturer:  Zacro

  • Modern rectangular light make up mirror – perfect for make-up, wearing contact lenses, shaving and more, easy to carry on your journey
  • Led light cosmetic vanity mirror with 16 pieces bright leds, perfect for making up all day long, even at nights
  • Double switch, handy on/off and touch sensor, battery operated so no wiring necessary – 4 x AA batteries required (included), energy saving
  • Soft halo lighting for clear, fog-free viewing, adjustable angles, show your best side, balanced facial light
  • The detachable base compartments will hold your cosmetics, jewelry, hair accessories and more, ultra high definition mirror
  • Product Description

    Zacro LED make up mirror is ideal for bleary-eyed mornings the evening before the party. The mirror stand is also equipped with a handy storage tray, for holding necessary cosmetics. Besides, this handy LED light-emitting mirror is battery operated, so no wiring is required.

    Zacro vanity mirror is 10.7 inches tall (270 mm)and 6.7 inches wide (170 mm), no need for much space. After placing the attached 4 AA batteries and tap the circle, the light will brighten. The brightest may be too bright for the eyes but believe us you might prefer more brightness. It can also be elevated and rotated to the desired position. Made of ABS material, it is very light so that you can even take it to travel!

    User Instruction:

    1. Find the two components of the mirror in the box, mount the mirror on the base before use.
    2. Before placing the batteries, make sure that the switch is in the OFF position.
    3. Open the battery compartment which is located on the back and put 4 AA batteries in. Close the battery cover.
    4. Before touching the sensor switch on the surface of the mirror, make sure that the ON / OFF button on the rear of the mirror is in the ON position.
    5. Touch the sensor switch, and the LED lights will be lit.
    6. Touch the sensor switch again, and the lights will be off.
    7. Press the Switch button to OFF position to save power after you finish use.


    Before touch the sensor switch on the surface of the mirror, please make sure the ON/OFF button located on the back of the mirror is in the ON/OFF position.


    Box Contains

    1 x Zacro LED Make Up Mirror; 1 x user manual; 4 x AA Batteries




Zacro 310 Lumens 2600mAh Bike Lights Set + Tail Light IPX4 Waterproof Headlight Speaker Switch Button – Wire-controlled Bicycle Headlight Lighting Switch – USB Rechargeable

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Manufacturer:  Zacro

Brand Name:  Zacro

【Super Bright And Adjustable Brightness Modes】Bicycle light set provides safe night driving. Super Bright Bike Lights(with 310 Lumens front light and 150 Lumens tail light).Headlight has 6 brightness modes:High – Mid – Low – Slight – Slow Flash – Fast Flash – Off (Long press 2 seconds to turn it off )Tail light has 3 brightness modes(High-Low -Fast flash-Off).

【Equipped With Free Speaker And Remote Control】100 dB bicycle horn and remote control for brightness adjustment, mounted on the handlebar and can be operated with one hand while driving, making your trip safer.

【2* USB Cables Provided For USB Rechargeable Bike Lights】The battery indicator of the front and rear lights reminds you to charge the battery in time. Please charge the battery regularly so that the lights work properly and you can ride the bike safely.

【Easy To Install And Remove】 The bike light set can be easily installed and removed without any tools. Elastic rubber straps are suitable for most bicycles.

【Waterproof & Multi Purpose】The IPX4 waterproof bicycle light protects against harsh weather conditions and is ideal for outdoor use such as camping, hiking and cycling ,or other nighttime work.




Zacro Bike Frame Bag, Waterproof Bike Pouch Bag, Top Tube Frame Pannier Mobile Phone Touch Screen Holder Bike Bag with Headphone Hole for iPhone Samsung and other Smartphones Smaller than 6 Inches

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Manufacturer:  Zacro

Brand Name:  Zacro

Big Space: Enough inside space for long rides, holds a lot of stuff such as phone,battery,small tire pump,repair kits, keys,wallet etc.A mesh pocket added inside the frame bag to make it easier for you to store small items such as keys, cards and other bicycle accessories .You can also listen to music or make phone calls while riding, or charge your flashlight using the Headphone plug at the bottom.

High Sensitive Touch Screen: High sensitive TPU film window helps you use cellphone easily while cycling,perfect way to check your activity while using maps.Perfectly compatible with popular 6.0 inch smartphones like iPhone X,iPhone 8 ,iPhone 7 ,iPhone6s/ 6 plus,iPhone 5S,Samsung Galaxy ,S8 ,S7 ,note 7 and many more.

Professional Visor: Sun Visor on the top helps you watch phone screen clearly, which is great for sunny or rainy day. Reflective stripe on both sides of bag to keep your night ride safety from accident.

Waterproof & Duble Zippers: Made of waterproof wear-resisting carbon grain material, and with sealed double zippers closure, which ensures the water doesn’t flow into the bag. Extra Rain Cover included for full protection.

Easy To Install and Release: 3 adjustable fastening tape straps are firm enough to hold up on the bike handlebar.Easy to install and quickly release ,thread the fastening tape through the head tube, pull of the fastening tape, and cut off the excess ,paste velcro fixed.



Zacro 16PCS Fasce di Resistenza, Set Elastici Fitness Kit Allenamento portabile 5 Pull up Exercise Bands

ZRB2-1-7 ZRB2-3IT

Brand name:Zacro



Bullet Point:

  • Tutte le bande di allenamento hanno una lunghezza di 48 “, e può essere utilizzato da solo impilato in qualsiasi combinazione per un equivalente massimo di 150 libbre.
  • Ogni fascia tubolare è a doppio strato e costruita con cura per offrire maggiore durata e massima resistenza.
  • Materiali di alta qualità: realizzati al 100% in lattice naturale, non tossici, inodore, elastici e resistenti. La fascia di resistenza è realizzata in lattice naturale che rispetta l’ambiente.
  • Multifunzione: le nostre fasce possono essere applicate a diversi tipi di esercizi.Perfetto per tonificare braccia, spalle, petto, glutei, gambe, ecc.
  • Puoi anche portare i tuoi gruppi in palestra, in ufficio e persino allenarti in vacanza!

Product descirption:

Realizzati al 100% in lattice naturale, non tossici, inodore, elastici e resistenti. La fascia di resistenza è realizzata in lattice naturale che rispetta l’ambiente. Forte resistenza all’usura e perfetta elasticità, fibbia in acciaio metallico per una maggiore resistenza, impugnatura antiscivolo, comoda e assorbente. Perfetto per la terapia fisica e allenamento— fascia resistenza formazione efficaci a bruciare grassi e aumentare la forza muscolare, e inoltre consente di aumentare la resistenza, la flessibilità, la mobilità, esercizi per diversi gruppi muscolari, come spalle, braccia, gambe, schiena, pancia e etc.

Confezione include:
5 x fasce per tubi di resistenza
5 x fasce elastiche di resistenza
2 cinturini alla caviglia
2 maniglie ammortizzate con impugnatura morbida
1 x borsa per il trasporto
1 x ancoraggio della porta
1 x guida

Zacro 5pcs Sacs de Lavage,Sacs à Linge,Sac à Fermeture, Sacs à Bandoulière, Sac à Lingerie pour Blouse, Maillot, Sous-vêtements, Soutien-gorge, Linge de Maison et Vêtements pour Bébés

ZLB2-1 ZLB2-2 ZLB2-6 ZLB2-FR-2-1 ZLB2-FR-3 ZLB2-FR-4 ZLB2-FR-5




  • Largement utilisé: Zacro sacs de lavagees sont utilisés pour blouse, bonneterie, bas, sous-vêtements, soutien-gorge, lingerie, vêtements pour bébés, etc.
  • 5 sacs de lavage de differentes taille: 2 petites (30 x 40cm); 2 moyen (40 x 50cm); 1 grand (50 x 60cm).
  • Durable et respirant matériau de fibres de polyester, fiable et propre.Ces sacs à linge sont en maille de réseau plastique donc ils pouvent bien protéger vos vêtements délicats, précieux ,ou des vêtements facile de peluchage,etc.
  • Fermeture éclair pour protéger votre machine à laver.Protégez vos linges délicats pendant lavage,
  • Design blanc à fermeture: Protection antibrouillard pour une protection supplémentaire. Des matériaux en fibre de polyester durables et respirants, des sacs en maille permettent au savon et à l’eau de circuler facilement pour un nettoyage optimal.



Zacro Switch Base with Bluetooth Audio Function,Type-C Fast Charging Cable, 2K HDMI ,USB,and Heat Dissipation Structure Design,easily switched between TV mode and consoles for Nintendo Switch

71QwX4StE2L._AC_SL1500_ 71nXok31-tL._AC_SL1500_ 61G9C1BFeoL._AC_SL1000_ 61eXMn3ZiyL._AC_SL1000_ 61-+FtzFfEL._AC_SL1000_ 51-aJOcbqGL._AC_SL1000_

Manufacturer:  Zacro

Brand Name:Zacro
External Product Id:  821906484011
Product ID Type:  upc

  • 【Easy to carry】 Small size, light weight, suitable for pockets, travel bags. True plug and play, so you can use it anywhere and at any time.
  • 【Cooling structure design】 The heat dissipation design ensures that the main unit will not block the vents and cause overheating. Switched USB handles can be used directly via USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports
  • 【User-friendly design】Display the toggle button, freely switch between the host and the TV display interface. With 3 angle adjustments, you can choose the angle you like and use it as a stand. A transparent color fence ensures that the Switch stands firmly on the base and protects its C-connection. Non-slip EVA mat on the bottom.
  • 【Bluetooth audio】When playing late at night or on the go, the sound of the game will affect others. At this time, you can connect the base through the Bluetooth headset, which not only ensures the game experience, but also avoids affecting others.
  • 【Fast charging cable】 When Type-C to USB is connected to the standard QC adapter, it can reach up to 3A fast charging, which can solve the trouble of slow charging loss. Soft, durable, not easy to knot, strong and resistant to pull, not easy to break. Strong compatibility(Adapter requires 5V/2.1A)



Zacro LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand for YouTube Video and Makeup, with mobile Phone Self-timer, LED Camera Light with Cell Phone Holder Desktop LED Lamp with 3 Light Modes and 10 Brightness Level

61JaGgabhhL._AC_SL1500_ 61nwwXjyjWL._AC_SL1500_ 71fnvu2kkZL._AC_SL1500_ 71L32BFArHL._AC_SL1500_ 71lv1TJ2++L._AC_SL1500_ 71x7mm03abL._AC_SL1500_ 717saRTqzML._AC_SL1500_ 718bXD5Z6ML._AC_SL1500_

Product ID:  821906194958
Product ID Type:  upc
Brand Name:  Zacro
Manufacturer: Zacro

  • 📷Dimming color: LED lights have 3 color lighting modes: white, warm yellow and warm white. Each lighting mode is designed with 10 adjustable brightness options to meet all your needs in different environments.
  • 📷Easy to use: Two triangular brackets with two pan/tilt and one phone clip, the fill light or the phone clip can be screwed onto one of the triangular brackets.
  • 📷Convenient to take pictures: equipped with a mobile phone self-timer, you can leave the phone to take control of the phone through the self-timer.
  • 📷USB powered: Suitable for most devices that support USB ports, such as laptops, PCs, mobile power supplies, USB chargers, etc. Easily control the power cord on/off or switch to your preferred lighting mode.
  • 📷Wide range of applications: fill light with two tripods combined with cell phone clips. In makeup, selfie photos, shooting, video recording, reading books and live broadcasts will come in handy!
  • Weight: 580g/ 1.278Ib
    Packing weight: 630g/1.3889 Ib
    Packing size: 28.5 * 21 * 4.5 cm/ 11.22* 8.267* 1.77
    Product Size: Length 16cm(6 in)
    Phone clip size: 5.5-8.5cm
    Retractable bracket opening height:11.5-14.5cm
    Dimming: Three color temperatures:white, warm yellow and warm white. 10 brightness levels are adjusted.
    Power supply mode: USB interface
    Current and voltage: 5V/2A
    Use:For photo fill light, mobile phone stand
    Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS
    Colour: Black




Zacro Carry Case Kit for Nintendo Switch Lite,Protective Hard Shell Cover Case for Nintendo Switch Lite with 2 Tempered Glass Screen Protector and 4 Thumb Grips and USB-C charging cable

31mYRFSwvmL._AC_ 31x9JUVVfgL._AC_ 41kWgHh5g2L._AC_ 61+t3c30iFL._AC_SL1000_ 71R8AXDaanL._AC_SL1000_ 71W2XBiR5VL._AC_SL1000_ 71x3bsjRkEL._AC_SL1000_



Brand Name:Zacro


External Product Id:  821906471141
Product ID Type:  upc

  • 📦【Compact and Sturdy Storage Bag】The waterproof and wear-resistant storage bag makes your new Nintendo Switch Lite more portable and safer. The storage bag can hold up to 20 game cassettes, so you can carry and change your favorite games anytime, anywhere. Including a large zippered mesh pocket for accessories such as headphones and charging cable.
  • 📦【Silicone Case with Grip】Turquoise Silicone case, soft and comfortable; with grip design for a more comfortable handheld game experience. Perfectly protect your Switch Lite.
  • 📦【High-quality Screen Protector】 High-quality tempered glass Switch Lite screen protector, easy to install, no bubbles, 9H screen hardness, perfect fit screen, clear picture.
  • 📦【Attached Accessories】 The Tpye-C charging cable allows you to connect to a mobile power source to charge your Lite. A yellow cleaning cloth can keep your game screen clean; 2 pairs of rocker hats can be used according to your needs.
  • 📦【100% Money Back Guarantee】Our high quality Switch Lite accessory kit offers a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our Switch case, we offer a free replacement or a full refund! Note: The Nintendo Switch Lite console, joy-con and game card are not included in this kit.
  • 💎Zacro accessory kit for Nintendo Switch Lite 2019 will be your best choice, all you need are included in it.
    It not only saves you time in searching all kinds of accessories on Amazon, but also saves you a lot of money.💎

    The package contains:✉
    ✔1 portable carrying case (sturdy and wearable, can hold 20 cards you like)
    ✔2 x high quality tempered glass screen protector (including wet and dry alcohol wipes)
    ✔1 silicone case (grip design, more comfortable for long-term hand)
    ✔1 USB-C charging cable (100cm)
    ✔4 x thumb stick grip
    ✔1 x controller cleaning cloth