Zacro 3 pcs Titanium Step Drill Bit Set & 1 pcs Automatic Center Punch

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Product ID:  714953980394
Product ID Type:  upc
Brand:  Zacro
Manufacturer:  Zacro

  • 24 sizes individual drill bits in 3: This set includes three standard step drill bits that replace 28 individual drill bits, comes with one 4 to 12mm five-step bit, one 4 to 20mm nine-step bit, and one 3 to 12mm ten-step bit.
  • Strong durability: Made of strong M2 steel with titanium coating, the bits have strong durability. Avoiding the inconvenience of a tri-flat shank to ensure a firm grip.
  • Easy drilling: Two-fluted design provides faster, smoother cutting. Provided with small pressure and the sets can cut through wood, sheet metal, steel and other surfaces.
  • Automatic center punch: Delivers an automatic, high-impact, spring-loaded strike when pressed against surface, adjustable cap regulates striking force.
  • Wide usages: Mark hole locations and start drill bits and screws, preventing wandering, heat treated alloy steel punch with sharp precision tip, corrosion-resistant brass body with non-slip knurled grip.

This compact set replaces 24 individual drill bits in 3pc Step Drill Bits which includes one 4-12mm, one 4-20mm, and one 3-12mm. Two-fluted design can provide faster, smoother cutting.

Before starting drilling and screwing, the Automatic Center Punch can be used to mark hole locations. It delivers an automatic, high-impact, spring-loaded strike when pressed against wood, metal, and plastic surfaces. An adjustable cap regulates striking force. It features a heat-treated alloy steel punch with a sharp precision tip and a corrosion-resistant brass body with non-slip knurled grip.

The 3 Cutters Come in the Following Sizes: 
5 step drill bit: 4-12mm (4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm)
9 step drill bit: 4-20mm (4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm)
10 step drill bit: 3-12mm (3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm)

Package included: 
3 x Zacro Metric Step Drill Bit
1 x Zacro Auto Center Punch

Zacro 2 Pack Full Magnetic GB Plate Sticker for Driving Abroad

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  • Product ID:  714394991638
    Product ID Type:  upc
    Manufacturer:  Zacro
    Brand Name:  Zacro
  • Extra thick: 0.6mm
  • Package includes: 2 * magnetic GB sticker
  • Strong magnetism enables the GB plate to stick firmly on the rear of your car
  • Waterproof and long lifespan
  • Clear and easy to read “GB”: Zacro Euro GB Sticker is good for driving abroad.
  • Do I need a GB sticker in Europe? Yes you do.

    It is an International legal requirement that every motor vehicle driving through a different country from its original one in Europe has a national plate clearly displayed to show which country it is from, or you will get an on-the-spot fine.

    Zacro magnetic GB sticker is your perfect choice. It can be applied easily with no need for adhesive. You also could take it off when you don’t need it and keep your car clean.

    Before putting the plates, please make sure the place where you put is clean, dry and flat.

    Package includes: 
    2 * Zacro full magnetic GB stickers




Zacro 30 Pcs Self Gripping Reusable Cable Ties Cord – 20x200mm Fastener Hook Loop Stick Straps – Cable Management – Black

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Product ID:  714953984248
Product ID Type:  upc
Brand:  Zacro
Manufacturer:  Zacro

  • Matching with ECONOMIC CABLE TIES: 30 Pack of adjustable, reusable, & low profile Black Thin
  • Ties Wraps onto cables for secure hold
  • Organize your wires and cables with reusable and detachable Fastener Hook cable ties
  • Using cable ties can help to keep all kinds of cords cables well organized and tidy in place



Zacro 60pcs 19/25/32mm Black Metal Office Paper Clamps, Foldback Binder Clips/Klemmer for Closing Plastic Bags, Securing Documents, Office Organize

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Product ID:  714394994523
Product ID Type:  upc
Brand:  Zacro
Manufacturer:  Zacro

Package includes: 60pcs Zacro black paper clips.Three specifications of clamping distance: 19mm, 25mm, 32mm. Each specification 20pcs.

Various use: the clips can be used to clamp files or papers, keep packages of cookies, candy and chips closed, even hang or clip USB cables. It’s so handy for everything.

Occasion to use: good for home, office or school use, keep things neat; they can be folded up for easy use; Easy to clip and remove.

Material: the office clip is made of metal material, the arm is easy and convenient to clip and release contents.

Function: Foldback clip keeps files together to prevent papers from slipping or pulling out.

Zacro foldback clips are ideal for securing documents together or office organize. Their strong body holds papers tightly and they also feature thick durable handles for easy release of contents. Besides, their long binder arms can let you release the document from the clips easily. One package includes 60 foldback clips of 19/25/32mm, and every dimension has 20pcs.


Material: metal
Specifications: 19 /25 /32 mm
Color: black
Quantity: 60




Zacro 7 Pieces Precision ESD Anti-Static Tweezers, Stainless Steel Tweezers for Electronics, Jewelry-Making, Laboratory Work, Repairing, Hobbies

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Product ID:  606794743583
Product ID Type:  upc
Brand:  Zacro
Manufacturer:  Zacro

  • 7 Pieces Precision Anti-static ESD Stainless Steel Tweezers : ESD-10, ESD-11, ESD-12, ESD-13, ESD-14, ESD-15, ESD-16, seven different tweezers for all types of fine, detailed work.
  • Durable stainless steel material, these tweezers are non-magnetic and resistant to most acids and other corrosive agents.
  • Resistive ESD coating helps to protect electronics from static.
  • Matte black coating surface finish provides excellent non-slip handling. Precision machined for exact alignment and a perfect grip at the tips.
  • Seven different sizes and configurations to fit all purposes. Excellent for electronics, jewelry and other fine crafts, medical and laboratory work, cosmetic hair removal, and much more.
  • Package includes: 
    1 pc. ESD-10 fine tip, straight (110mm)
    1 pc. ESD-11: fine tip, straight (140mm)
    1 pc. ESD-12: fine tip, straight (135mm)
    1 pc. ESD-13: rounded spade tip, straight (115mm)
    1 pc. ESD-14: super fine tip, straight (110mm)
    1 pc. ESD-15: fine tip, angled (120mm)
    1 pc. ESD-16: heavy-weight pointed tip (130mm)