Zacro Waterproof Bike Cover 190T nylon Extra Heavy Duty Outdoor Bicycle Cover for Road Bike, Mountain Bike ( Silver&Black)

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Brand Name: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro


Model Number:BC04


  • 190T nylon material that is waterproof & durable quality with PU coating and high density makes it durable and sturdy;It can protect your bicycle from rain, snow, dust, wind, sun damage and scratches
  • Resilient bottom hems and adjustable buckle strap can easily protect your bike, and also can be used with your bike lock or any common cords
  • The cover can fit most mountain bike, electric bike and city bike up to 29″ wheel size, and it even fits scooters and certain motorbikes, but please measure your bike’s size before purchase
  • Easily and conveniently fold down to a compact size and storage bag with a draw string is included
  • Dimensions: 200*70*110cm (length / width / height), Sliver Side: Ultraviolet-proof 40+


This Bicycle Cover will protect your bike effortless. Waterproof & durable quality with PU coating and high density can keep your bicycle in shape, whether you store it indoors or outdoors. The elastic bottom hems, adjustable buckle strap and two pairs of lock-holes at the wheels area can achieve a tight fit. Zacro bicycle cover is completely waterproof. This piece is easy to pack up and transport with you, the included storage bag can pack your cover so that you take it wherever you go.


-Material: 190T nylon

-Weight: 70g/m2 (0.7lbs)

-Coating: Sliver glue

-PU coated water repelling material keeping your bike dry Double-stitched hems with heat seamed sealing prevent water from leaking through the sewing (water leaking is a very common issue with many other covers on the market)

-Extremely durable

-Adjustable locking strap at the bottom for great stability

-UV protection against direct sunlight

-Smart lock-hole design allows using a bike lock with the cover on

-Free carrying bag


Because of inevitable excessive trembling during transport that can lead to tearing and the cover can obscure the rear lights vision, DON¡¯T use on a bike rack. It is at one’s own risk. If you still decide to use the cover for transportation, please prevent possible damage to it by securing it tightly using elastic cords. Please measure your bicycle before purchasing in order to ensure that the cover could fit your bike.

Package included:

1 x Zacro Bicycle Cover

1 x Carry Bag


Every Zacro product includes 18-month warranty. Please buy with confidence and don’t hesitate to contact us if having any question, we’ll get to you within 24 hours.

Price: £ 16.99

Zacro Gel Bike Seat – BS052 Extra Soft Gel Bicycle Seat – Bike Saddle Cushion with Water&Dust Resistant Cover (Silver)

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Brand Name: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro


Model Number:BS052


  • Best Gel Material:You cannt enjoy your bicycle leisure time when you are suffering pain from your bike saddle,Zacro gel seat saddle will help you get rid of pain during cycling
  • Enjoy longer riding: Explore new grounds and enjoy longer rides on your bike. With your gel seat cover on, most of the shocks will be absorbed and you will feel much more comfortable
  • Easy Installation? Easy to mount, low cost solution will make your saddle feel much better
  • Common Dimension?This gel seat saddle dimension is 28cm*19cm. which fits most bike seats
  • An extra water and dust resistant seat cover? it will protect your seat from water and dust in rainy days and on the dusty road



Product Description

Everybody loves having fun on an road bike and completing a full workout with a new personal bike. That feeling is unique, but the truth is, you just can’t do it if you hurt. Seat pain is really serious and one of the biggest determination killers. Usually because of the pain the willpower goes down and people give up on their exercise bike way too soon.Given that, Zacro is committed to helping people stay on track and achieve their goals, that’s why we have developed the perfect exercise bike gel seat cover that sticks to your saddle and protects your back. It acts like a cushion letting you focus on what’s important – achieving your goal.What’s more, Zacro also give a free gift: water&dust resistence seat cover for protecting our seat. Any questions, Please take your advise. Zacro always provide better products and more inimate services.


Quick and easy to use, easy to apply and adjust
Comfortable and a pleasure to ride on
Durable and strong, manufactured at the highest standard
Water&Dust resistence seat cover free gift



Package included:

1*Gel seat saddle
1*Water&dust resistant cover(Sliver)

After service:

Every Zacro product includes 24-month warranty. Please buy with confidence and don’t hesitate to contact us if having any question, we’ll get to you within 24 hours.

Price: £ 19.99

Zacro Bike Computer, BS251 Original Wireless Bicycle Speedometer with Backlight, Multi Function Bike Odometer Cycling with Compass Key Ring …

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Brand Name: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro


Model Number:BS251


  • Easy-to-read LCD display : big LCD display with big numbers so you can easily see the stats even you are riding
  • Portable and convenient: It is very small and light but you can have the basic info you need in monitoring your biking activity, measuring speed ,distance, riding time, maximum speed and average speed
  • Wireless and water resistant design: You attach the sensors to your front fork and your spokes and you’re good to go
  • The backlight can be set in either green and white color
  • Besides the fact that it is suitable to all types of bicycles: road cycling, mountain biking, folding bike, common bicycle, We have also attached a Compass key ring

Product Description

With this Zacro bike computer, you can manage your riding life more scientific and more reasonable. Furthermore, we provide a more concise and brief user manual and installation instruction. Therefore, using bike computer will be simpler for you. Besides, in order to offer a better cycling experience to all our customers, there is a small compass key ring free gift with the bike computer, you will never lose your way no matter where you go.
Please note the slight rattle sound from device is normal phenomenon, which results from the design of automatic function.Built-in steel ball switch that will shake when receiving signals, computer will be automatic awake from sleeping mode. Meanwhile you may hear slight rattle from the device. It’s common phenomenon as steel ball is working.


Record traffic speed (SPD)
Record the total traffic mileage (ODO)
Record the single lane mileage (DST)
The maximum driving speed (MXS)
Show driving average speed (AVS)
Show driving time (TM)
12 / 24-hour clock (CLK)
Automatic circulatory function (SCAN)
Comparison prompt (“+” “-“)
Miles set (KM / hr, M / hr)
The tire circumference is set (SET)
The total length of the initial value setting (SETTING TYRE CIRCUMFERENCE)
Driving data sampling function (FREEZE FRAME MEMORY)
Maintenance reminder function (MAINTENANCE ALERT)
Switch: automatic awake from sleeping mode (AUTO ON / OFF)


Screen: LCD display

Package Includes

1 * Computer
1 * Magnet
1 * CR2032 Battery
1 * Sensor
4 * Cable tie
1 * Fixing Rubber Band
1 * Computer Holder
1 * Instruction
1 * Compass

Price: £ 24.99


Zacro Alcohol Tester, Professional Breathalyzer with Semi-conductor Sensor and LCD Display Digital Breath Alcohol Tester with 10 Mouthpieces for Drivers and Breast-feed Mothers

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Brand Name: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro



  • Accurate and sensitive: This breath alcohol tester is used to measure concentration of the alcohol in human body. With advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor, it can quickly give a warning to remind your safety
  • Smart MCU Control: Send out audio and video warning to alarm you. It is also a good companion for breast-feed mothers who want to know whether they can feed their children or not after drinking through measuring their BAC(Blood Alcohol Content)
  • Energy-saving:. Powered by 3AAA batteries( not included but commonly available), it will automatically shut off to save power after finishing the test for 5 seconds
  • Easy to read and simple to use: Large Digital LCD Screen With Blue Background Light. The back-light is convenient for you to use it at night. Equipped with 5 mouthpieces, it will be much easier for you to test your family or friends
  • Compact and light weight Design: The quality and design speak for themselves. The breathalyser fits nicely in your hand

Product Description

Zacro has improved the product and added another 5 extra mouthpieces for our customers which add up to 10 mouthpieces.

Product Dimensions(L*W*H): 4.059in*2.355in*1.102in

Weight: 2.2oz

Detection Range: 0.00-0.19% BAC; 0.00-1.99‰ BAC; 0.00-0.99 mg/l; 0.00-199mg/100ml

Alarming Level: 0.05%BAC; 0.50‰BAC; 0.25mg/L; 50mg/100ml

Alarming Type: Audio Alarming

Accuracy: ±0.01%BAC

Warm-up Time: less than 20s

Response Time: less than 5s

Powered by: 3 AAA batteries(not included)

Working Current: less than 120mA

Working Voltage: DC4.5V

Working Temperature: -10°C-50°C

Relative Humidity: less than 95% (No Dew)

Certification: RoHS, CE

Package Included:

1x Zacro Breath Alcohol Tester

10x Mouthpieces

1x User Manual

NOTE:  1. Do not use the breath analyzer until it has been 20 minutes since the last drink; please wait at least 3 minutes to begin next test after last test.

2.Do not use it in the environment of paints, pesticide, alcohol and other corrosive gas;

3. Once it turns on, it will take 15 seconds to warm up. After this it will beep and inform you to blow into the device. Both are timed so you know exactly when to do what. You have 10 seconds to blow into the device and then it will give you the results. For more detailed operation, please refer to the attached user manual.

Price: £ 25.99