Zacro Fitbit Versa Charger, 2pcs Replacement Charger USB Charging Cable for Fibit Versa, 3.3ft/100cm Charging Cable Dock for Fitbit Versa Smartwatch-Black

ZFC13-1-2(1)ZFC13-2ZFC13-3 (2)ZFC13-4ZFC13-8ZFC13-6ZFC13-5

Brand Name: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro

UPC: 742297663567

  • Specially designed charger for Fitbit Versa smart Watch. ONLY work for Fitbit Versa , not for other Fitbit products. (Fitbit Versa Watch Not included.)
  • Lightweight: Compact and lightweight lesign,convenient for travelers and business users.
  • Convinience: Put the USB connector into your wall charger, car charger or computers.This product makes your Smart Watch charging become more convenient.
  • Safe:The replacement Fitbit Versa charging cable with power protection and short circuit protection,keep your safe.
  • Bonus: Come with extra replacement charging cable to give your Fitbit Versa a boost in the office, at home, in car or in travels.

Product description:


Applicable Models: Fitbit Versa. (Do Not fit for other Fitbit products. )

Color: Black

Length: 3.3ft (100cm )

Weight : 3.6 oz

Dimensions : 7.28*4.72*1.18inch

Package included:

2 * Charger Cable (Fitbit Versa is not included)


1. Please keep the charger away from children.

2. Neither manipulates directly with wet hands nor places it in a damp environment.

3. Connect the device first before charging, then plug in the AC power with the USB. When finished charging, unplug the power cord then disconnect device.

4. Do not dismantle or repair the charger by yourself.

5. Do not use the charger in flammable gas environment.

6. Please charge the wristband before running out of the power completely.

7. It is recommended to use the notebook USB interface or computer USB interface for the watch to charge, because their voltage is more stable.

8. Unplug the power cord immediately while there is any heat, smoke, burning smell or other abnormalities.


18-month warranty. Any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will get you back within 24 hours.

Zacro Bike Seat with LED Taillight – Universal Gel Bike Saddle with Spring and Breathable Design, 1 Mounting Wrench and 1 Screwdriver Included

1 36 ZBS6-17 ZBS6-18(2)

Brand: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro

UPC: 606794744993

  • Pu and double density gel foam is filled with soft and elasticity that can save your circulating pain.
  • Carbon steel coil double spring suspension helps to smooth the protrusion.
  • The thicker soft saddle makes you feel more comfortable and easily installs with the help of the Zacro wrench.
  • The universal design is installed on any standard seat.

Product description

Zacro gel bike saddle comes with led taillights which including a battery (type: CR2032). General speaking, the life of the taillight is 2 years, and the life of battery is 15 hours. The battery can be replaced so that you can save money in changing the taillight and also can avoid the trouble of replacing the taillight.



The taillight in Zacro gel bike saddle three patterns for your choice to adjust as following:

No.1, lighting all the time once it starts;

No.2, the light will be flashing slowly;

No.3, the light will be flashing quickly.

If you don’t know how to replace the battery, pls refer to our sixth picture.



11 inch X 8 inch X 5 inch


Package Included:

1 X Bike seat with taillight

1 X Mouthing Wrench

1 X Screwdriver



Every Zacro product includes 24-month warranty. Please buy with confidence and don’t hesitate to contact us if having any question, we’ll get to you within 24 hours.

Zacro Makeup Mirror, Rechargeable LED Lighted 7X Magnifying Makeup Mirror, Dimmable Touch Screen Cosmetic Mirror with Suction Base

ZLM4-1-1    ZLM4-2ZLM4-3ZLM4-5 (2)ZLM4-4ZLM4-6ZLM4-7

Brand Name: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro

UPC: 606794743491

  • Touch screen, dimmable, rechargeable makeup mirror with USB charging cable
  • With 24 LEDs inside, it provides crystal-clear reflection with 7X magnification
  • The base also allows 360°swiveling, you can angle it any way you like
  • The suction cup can only adsorb on clean and glossy face, generally only smooth glass. Please read the user instruction first before use
  • Compact and convenient size. At 184mm diameter, it not only can be used at home, but also is a perfect travel mirror

This is really a beautiful make-up mirror for you to place on your dresser or in your bathroom. It also is perfect for travel for its compact and convenient size. With a powerful locking suction base, you can install the mirror at any clean and glossy surface you like with no need to drill holes on the wall to hang mirror. With it magnification function and LED lighting, you will never miss any details while make up.

Size: 18.5 X 10cm
LEDs quantity: 24 LEDs

Package includes:
1x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror
1 x USB charge cable
1 x Manua l

1.The suction sup requires a clean, flat and glossy surface and can’t adhere firmly to frosted glass. So please read the instruction carefully before you use it at the first time.
2.In order to avoid falling down and crash, please don’t hold it too high. It can adsorb firmly, but it is also easy to fall down because of misoperation.

Price: £ 23.99

2 Pcs Zacro Fitbit Charge 2 Charger Replacement USB Charger Charging Cable for Fitbit Charge 2 with Cable Cradle Dock Adapter for Fitbit Charge 2(50 cm)

ZFC8-1 ZFC8-1-2 ZFC8-2 ZFC8-3 ZFC8-4 ZFC8-UK-5


Brand Name: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro

UPC: 606794743514

  • 2 piece replacement charger cable collocates with cable cradle dock adapter for fitbit charge 2, both are 50 cm
  • Extra replacement charging cable to give your fitbit charge 2 a boost in the office, at home, in car or in travels; Only for fitbit charge 2, not for other fitbit models
  • Voltage regulator (PTC) inside: Prevent your fitbit charge 2 from being damaged by overcurrent when connected to USB power source on PC
  • The spare charging cradle adapter is flexible, which makes your smart watch charging become more convenient
  • Flexible tangle free cable and exquisite metal connector is durable, making it sufficiently robust for even the most demanding users

Color: Black
Length: 1.6 feet

Package content:
2 x Charger Cable for Fitbit Charge 2.

45 days money-back & 18-month warranty. Any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will get you back within 24hours.

Price: £ 17.99

Zacro 54 in 1 Set Beccucci Sac a Poche per Decorazione Pasticceria, 48 Bocchette Decorative Pasticceria per Torta, 3 Strumento Icing Tips in Acciaio Inossidabile, Muffa di Torta, 3 Sacchetti Silicone Riutilizzabili Pasticceria








ZCD2V-1- 2 ZCD2V-IT-3 ZCD2V-IT-4 5 ZCD2V-IT-6- ZCD2V-12




Brand: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro

Upc : 606794740216




Punte di decorazione della torta – 48 punte in acciaio inox e 3 accoppiatori di plastica riutilizzabili
Cake Decorating Tips – Forte, durevole, in acciaio inossidabile, resistente alla corrosione, riutilizzabile, antiaderenti, insapore e non tossico, facile da pulire e lavabile in lavastoviglie.
Decorazione Pasticceria Borse – insieme include 3 sacchetti di pasticceria (diverse dimensioni di 10 “12” 16 “), le borse sono realizzate in silicone alimentare; Borse hanno convenienti anelli per appendere.
Decorazione sacchetti della pasticceria – Utilizzare ogni borsa di colore diverso a velo, mentre la decorazione torte e cupcakes, due o tre persone possono decorare prodotti da forno, allo stesso tempo.
Decora il tuo torte creative con queste borse pasticceria riutilizzabili con i tuoi familiari e amici.





Tutti i consigli sono realizzati con la massima qualità, in acciaio inox 100% del commestibile.
Facile da pulire e lavabile in lavastoviglie.
Compatto, leggero e facile da usare.
I nostri consigli sono resistenti in modo da non arrugginisce corrosione.
Riutilizzabile e non bastone.
Le punte, accoppiatore e la cassa sono tutti insapore e non tossico.
strumenti perfetti per decorare tutti i vostri dolci, tortine, biscotti, pasta e molto altro ancora.
Il pacchetto include:
48 x Punte in acciaio inox
3 x Accoppiatori plastica
1 x Caso plastica bagagli
3 x Sacchetti della pasticceria Cake Decorating


Zacro Uhren Decken Öffner Werkzeug Set Justierbar Öffner Werkzeug Uhrmacher Werkzeugsets

01 VWO1-2 1000 03 02 VWO1-2 1000 1


Marke: Zacro
Hersteller: Zacro
UPC:  606794745679


  • 100% nagelneu und hochwertige. Stahl Material. Größe: 70 x 28 x 11mm. Spitzen justieren von 13mm zu 56mm.
  • Einstellbare gehärtete Stifte für den einfachen Gebrauch auf wasserbeständigem Uhrgehäuse. Seine kompakte Größe macht es sehr bequem.
  • Die Uhrengehäuse-Werkzeughaltung hat 4 harten justierbaren Plastikstiften. Es wird die Rutschgefahr und Kratzer – Gefahr verringern
  • Es kann in verschiedenen Positionen für verschiedene Größen Fälle eingestellt werden. Es misst etwa 56 x 46 x 35mm. Hält Gehäuse bis 70mm im Durchmesser.
  • Das perfekte Werkzeugset für den Uhrmacher.


1 Zacro Uhren Decken Öffner:
* Das ist ein neu Schraubenschlüssel für wasserbeständigen Uhrgehäuse.
* Einfach benutzen und vollen einstellbaren Öffner. Die verstellbaren Vergütungsstifte benutzt einfach auf wasserbeständigem Uhrgehäuse.
* Die kompakte Größe macht es sehr bequem.
* Kiefer entfernt einstellbar von 13mm bis 56mm.
* Größe :70mm X 28mm X 11mm.
* Material: Stahl
* Farbe: Blau

2 Zacro Uhr Halter:
* Es wird für die Sicherung Uhrengehäuse. Beim Öffnen und Schließen wasserbeständig Uhrgehäuse.
* Der große Fallhalter ist für das Halten großer Uhren, die schwer zu öffnen. including Divers-type watches in place, while using a hand wrench to open case back.
* Es wird die Rutschgefahr und Kratzer – Gefahr verringern
* Das Werkzeug kann auch als Halter verwendet werden, während die Uhr bearbeitet wird.
* Das Artikel hat Untergestell und 4 verstellbaren Nylonklammern.
* Der Werkzeugschraubstock kann auf einen Tisch oder eine Werkbank montiert werden.

1 x Zacro Uhren Decken Öffner
1 x Zacro Uhr Halter

Jedes Produkt aus Zacro enthält 24-Monatigen Kundenservice! Wenn irgendeine Frage haben, bitte zögern Sie nicht, uns zu kontaktieren. Wir werden antworten Ihnen innerhalb von 24 Stunden!


Price: £ 19.99

Zacro 147PCS Uhrenwerkzeug Sets Hochwertige Reparatur Set für Uhrenwerkzeug in Nylontasche

VWO2-1 VWO2-2 VWO2-3 VWO2-4 VWO2-5 VWO2-6 ZWO2V-7


Marke: Zacro
Hersteller: Zacro
UPC:  606794745686
  • Hochwertig — Diese hochwertigen 147 PCS Uhr Reparaturwerkzeug kann man meistens die Uhr Reparaturanforderungen lösen.
  • Vielfalt– Diese Werkzeug erhaltet mehr Dinge, um die einfach zu reparieren. Z.B. die Uhrenarmbänder verstellen, die Uhrenrückseite öffnen, die Uhrbatterien wechseln, die Uhrdichtungen wechseln usw.
  • Tragbar — Dieses Set kommt in einer robusten schwarzen Nylontasche, das Reißverschlusskasten ist einfach zu verstauen und zu transportieren, man kann mit dem überall nutzen.
  • Genug für grundlegende Probleme — Alle Stücke von innen sind genug und praktisch für die grundlegenden Uhrreparaturprobleme.
  • Geld sparen — Diese Uhr-Reparatur-Tool-Kit könnte Ihnen zu Hause statt zu Reparaturwerkstatt bei Uhrreparatur helfen. Es ist wirklich ein guter Weg, um Ihr Geld zu sparen.


Diese hochwertige 147 Stücke Uhrmacherwerkzeug Set ist wonderbar für den Start der professionellen Uhrreparatur. Sie werden in der Lage, eine Uhr zu öffnen und relativ leicht irgendeine Armband zu entfernen. Wenn Sie einen tragbaren Werkzeugkasten bekommen möchten, der klein, sauber und multifunktional ist, wird dieses Kit an jedem Ort für die Öffnung und Arbeit einer Uhr ideal sein, den Sie wollen.
Einstellbare Fall-Öffner-ausgezeichnet für öffnende wasserdichte Fälle bis zu 34mm.
Federsteg Entferner für Gurtverstellung / Ersatz.
Antimagnetik Schraubendreher zum Entfernen der Batterieabdeckungen.
Antimagnetische Edelstahlpinzette zum Entnehmen und Einsetzen von Batterien 6 Uhrband Federstifte Größe jeweils.
Durchmesser von Peg Armbandfederstift: 1. 5mm
Messung: Uhrenarmband Frühling Pin Größe: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 und 25 mm.
Tragetasche: ca.20cm x 10cm x 5cm (L*B*H)

1 x Einstellbarer Fall-Öffner
18 x Fall-Öffner-Pins
1 x Uhr-Fall-Öffner-Messer
1 x Edelstahl Pinzette
1 x Federstegwerkzeug
2 x Federstegwerkzeug Ersatz Tipps
108 x Uhrenarmband Spannstifte
1 x Verbindungs-Remover
3 x Verbindungsentferner-Ersatzstifte
2 x Link Remover Ersatzstifte (geld)
1 x Uhrgehäuse (für Uhrengehäuse 10-45mm Durchmesser)
1 x Zurück hebeln Öffner (mit gelbem ergo Griff)
3 x Präzisions-Antimagnetische Schraubendreher (1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm)
3 x Splintentreiber (0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm)
1 x Tragetasche

Jedes Produkt aus Zacro enthält 24-Monatigen Kundenservice! Wenn irgendeine Frage haben, bitte zögern Sie nicht, uns zu kontaktieren. Wir werden antworten Ihnen innerhalb von 24 Stunden!


Price: £ 19.99

Zacro Bike Computer, Original Wireless Bicycle Speedometer with Backlight, Multi Function Bike Odometer Cycling with Compass Key Ring …

1 2 3 5 6 7 8



Brand Name: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro



  • Easy-to-read LCD display : big LCD display with big numbers so you can easily see the stats even you are riding
  • Portable and convenient: It is very small and light but you can have the basic info you need in monitoring your biking activity, measuring speed ,distance, riding time, maximum speed and average speed
  • Wireless and water resistant design: You attach the sensors to your front fork and your spokes and you’re good to go
  • The backlight can be set in either green and white color
  • Besides the fact that it is suitable to all types of bicycles: road cycling, mountain biking, folding bike, common bicycle, We have also attached a Compass key ring

Product Description

With this Zacro bike computer, you can manage your riding life more scientific and more reasonable. Furthermore, we provide a more concise and brief user manual and installation instruction. Therefore, using bike computer will be simpler for you. Besides, in order to offer a better cycling experience to all our customers, there is a small compass key ring free gift with the bike computer, you will never lose your way no matter where you go.
Please note the slight rattle sound from device is normal phenomenon, which results from the design of automatic function.Built-in steel ball switch that will shake when receiving signals, computer will be automatic awake from sleeping mode. Meanwhile you may hear slight rattle from the device. It’s common phenomenon as steel ball is working.


Record traffic speed (SPD)
Record the total traffic mileage (ODO)
Record the single lane mileage (DST)
The maximum driving speed (MXS)
Show driving average speed (AVS)
Show driving time (TM)
12 / 24-hour clock (CLK)
Automatic circulatory function (SCAN)
Comparison prompt (“+” “-“)
Miles set (KM / hr, M / hr)
The tire circumference is set (SET)
The total length of the initial value setting (SETTING TYRE CIRCUMFERENCE)
Driving data sampling function (FREEZE FRAME MEMORY)
Maintenance reminder function (MAINTENANCE ALERT)
Switch: automatic awake from sleeping mode (AUTO ON / OFF)


Screen: LCD display

Package Includes

1 * Computer
1 * Magnet
1 * CR2032 Battery
1 * Sensor
4 * Cable tie
1 * Fixing Rubber Band
1 * Computer Holder
1 * Instruction
1 * Compass

Price: £ 25.99

Zacro 20W Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun with 30pcs Melt Glue Sticks High Temperature Melting Adhesive Glue Gun Kit for DIY Small Craft and Quick Repairs in Home & Office, Blue

ZGG2V-1-30 ZGG2V-2-1 ZGG2V-3 ZGG2V-4 ZGG2V-5 ZGG2V-6 ZGG2V-8

Brand Name: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro

UPC: 606794747505

  • 20 Watt, 100-240 Volts
  • Ideal adhesive for home, office and school DIY crafts projects including metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, ceramics and so on.
  • Uses high or dual temperature glue sticks
  • Including 30pcs environmental-friendly glue sticks (7mm * 100mm each), with super strong adhesive and easy cleaning properties to protect your health and items.
  • Safety fuse for enhanced protection, insulated nozzle and detachable auxiliary stand


About hot melt glue gun:

Material: Plastic & Aluminum
Working power: 20W
Working voltage: 100 to 240V
Working temperature: 200°C
Suitable sticks: Φ10.8-11.5mm
Nozzle diameter: 1-2mm
Warm-up time: 5 minutes
Cable length: 1.4m

About glue sticks:

Color: Transparent
Cure time: 20 S
Diameter: Φ 7mm

Warm Tips:

1.Keep the product in well-ventilated and dry place, out of reach of kid, keep away from water. Place the glue gun at the support and cut off the power while not using.
2.The remaining pressure inside the glue gun will push a little molten glue out of the gun even stop use, so to save your glue, please control release the trigger or cut off the power in advance.
3.The hot melt glue gun is a high temperature product, should only use the corresponding glue sticks. If the glue stick used is not the right size or type, it may cause damage.

4.Never touch the glue gun nozzle or melted glue while working. It is prohibited to use under flammable and explosive condition.

5.The glue gun nozzle can not be held upward, if the glue gun won’t use for more than 15 minutes, unplug the glue gun in case the melted glue flow back and case damage.

6.When the gun is stewing or unplugged, although the heating system will stop melt the glue sticks, but the melted glue gun in the nozzle will keep flow for a while, it is normal phenomenon and the glue will stop dripping soon.

7.If the strip is left after use, please don’t pull it off, just let it in the gun for the next use.

8. If the glue gun doesn’t work for 15min, please cut off the power source to avoid the melting glue recirculating or damage.

9.Please let the bracket stand to cool down the gun for several minutes after use, and don’t change the other power cord with it.

Price: £ 25.99

Zacro Dimmable LED Make Up Mirror- 20 Light Bulbs illuminated Vanity Cosmetic Mirror with 10x Magnifying Mirror and 4 Batteries – Lighted Makeup Beauty Mirror for Shaving, Dressing, Table Top, Bathroom, Bedroom(Black)

ZLM2-1 ZLM2-2 (2)     ZLM2-additional image_2 ZLM2-additional image_3 ZLM2-additional image_4 ZLM2-additional image_5 ZLM2-additional image_6

Brand Name: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro

UPC: 606794747444

  • 20 bright Dimmable LEDs- All in 4000-5000K colour temperature, soft halo lighting for clear, fog-free viewing, allows you to get the most natural application of makeup, even at night.
  • Stepless dimming technology- Touch the sensor switch and hold to adjust the LED brightness. When switch re-open, the LEDs will return to the same brightness it was on last time.
  • Removable 10X Magnification Spot Mirror- allows you see details of eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, and grooming of unwanted hairs, ensure you’re always already.
  • Large 360° free rotation mirror- 12 inch screen (255mm x 185 mm) 11.8 inch tall(300mm),large enough to be used for makeup, grooming, or even dressing. High quality 360° rotatable structure ensure long service life.
  • Energy saving and safety use- Double switch, handy on/off and touch sensor, battery operated so so wiring necessary- 4 x AA Batteries Required (included). The detachable base compartments will hold your cosmetics, jewelry, hair accessories and more

Product Description

Zacro LED make up mirror is ideal for bleary-eyed mornings the evening before the party. The mirror stand is also equipped with a handy storage tray, for holding necessary cosmetics. Besides, this handy LED light-emitting mirror is battery operated, so no wiring is required. 4 AA batteries Included.

Zacro vanity mirror is 11.8 inches tall (300mm)and 7.3 inches wide (185 mm), no need for much space. With Step-less dimming technology, you can tap the sensor switch for ON/OFF and hold to adjust the LED brightness. When switch re-open, the LEDs will return to the same brightness it was on last time. It can also be elevated and rotated 360° to the desired position, plenty of adjustment available for horizontal or vertical orientation.

10 x Magnification Spot Mirror make sure every detail is in place; it will help ensure you’re always ready for your close-up.

User Instruction:

1.Mount the mirror on the base before use.
2.Before placing the batteries, make sure that the switch is in the OFF position.
3.Open the battery compartment which is located on the back and put 4 AA batteries in. Close the battery cover.
4.Put the Magnification Spot Mirror on the glass if you like.
5.Before touching the sensor switch on the surface of the mirror, make sure that the ON / OFF button on the rear of the mirror is in the ON position.
6.Touch the sensor switch for turning ON/OFF, and hold for dimming the light.
7.Press the Switch button to OFF position to save power after you finish use.


Keep the magnification Spot Mirror close to you face about 15 to 20cm, it will be clear enough.

Package included:

1 x Zacro LED make up mirror
1 x Zacro Magnification Spot Mirror
1 x User manual
4 x AA Batteries


45 days money-back & 24-month warranty. Any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will get you back within 24hours.

Price: £ 39.99