Zacro 2.5w Aquarium Air Pumps, Ultra Quiet, Flow 3L / Minutes, Adjustable Air Flow, for 35L-300L Aquarium-Grey

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Product ID: 821906490074
Product ID Type: upc
Brand Name: Zacro
Manufacturer: Zacro

  • 🐬Using an advanced magnetic float technology motor, electrolytic plate sealing cover, ultra quiet.
  • 🐬Flow 3L / Minutes, Adjustable Air Flow, for 35L-300L Aquarium.
  • 🐬The oxygen air pump is a stable performance. It is easy to provide a high and constant air volume. And is ideal for small and medium sized aquariums plus oxygen.
  • 🐬Oversized air pressure, the deeper can be placed in the water 0.5-1.5 meters, than the same volume of other energy-saving air pumps 50%.
  • 🐬Power: 2.5W, Flow: 3L / Minutes, Pressure: 15kpa, for freshwater and marine aquariums.




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