Zacro 4PCS Protective Dog Boots, Waterproof Shoes Outdoor Shoes for Medium to Large Dogs with Two Reflective Fastening Straps and Rugged Anti-Slip Sole, Purple

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Product ID: 821906597643
Product ID Type: upc
Brand Name: Zacro
Manufacturer: Zacro

  • Secure and adjustable : Easy to put on / off. Fastened by a wide and adjustable Magic strap, providing a customized tightness, firmly fastened by 2 long, adjustable, difficult to slip off.Reflective belt design to ensure the safety of your dog at night.
  • Material:Boot upper is made of breathable fabric.Soft and breathable to paws.Lightweight and convenient, practical for dogs in daily basic wear, works well for walks, running, hikes, travels etc, also good for hardwood floors.

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