Zacro Camera Tripod Ball Head,360 Degree Swivel, Max Loading 10kg,Suitable for cameras with 1/4″ screw,for Tripod,Monopod,Slider,DSLR Camera,Camcorder

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Product ID:  821906492962
Product ID Type:  upc
Brand Name:  Zacro
Manufacturer:  Zacro

  • 📷The 360°three-dimensional rotating pan/tilt can be used in different orientations of different scenes.
  • 📷Professional sphere head, can adjust the fine angle to meet high-end demand photography enthusiasts
  • 📷Adjust the angle, adjust the lock, the operation flow is simple, and quickly lock each wonderful moment
  • 📷Aluminum alloy, height 95mm, base screw hole 3/8, load 10kg, camera screw 1/4
  • 📷Level corrector on the pan/tilt for easy adjustment when shooting

Products include:
Ball head*1
Quick shoe plate*1
1/4 camera screw*1
When taking a panoramic photo, fix the tripod unknown and rotate the pan/tilt at the same speed for multiple horizontal or vertical shooting.





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