Zacro Car Bin – Foldable and Water Resistant Auto Trash Bag Camp for Garbage and Litter Storage and Collection

Unfolding dimension: 21 x 15 cm (H x Φ)
Light Weight - Only 150g, you will find it is so easy to carry. It also can be securely fixed on your car seat.
Foldable - This car bin is foldable, you can fold it when you are not in need of it.
Water resistance - When you go out having a picnic with your friends or family, unluckily, an unexpected drizzle arrives, no worry, the garbage can resist the drizzle.
Environment friendly High Quality material - Polyester taffeta high quality prolongs product lifespan and cause no harm to human body and environment.

Product description
For all of us who are constantly on the go, staying organized and clear turns out to be very difficult.

zacro provides an innovative, high quality garbage to help you manage your trash on the car , on camping or on a picnic. Zacro car bin contains more trash with less space occupied because of its foldable function designed.


Foldable and water resistance
Light and easy-carry


Unfolding dimension: 21 x 15 cm (H x ?)

Weight: 150g

Material: polyester taffeta

Package included:
1 * Garbage
5 * PE Plastic Bags


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