Zacro Game Controller for Nintendo Switch ,Dual Motor Vibration,Upgraded Handle System & Grip Design with Type-C Cable

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Brand Name:Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro
External Product Id:  821906282143
Product ID Type:  upc

  • The Switch Controller is specifically designed for N-Switch. After directly plugging into the Switch console, the Switch controller will automatically establish a connection, plug and play.
  • Before using this product, please open the Switch game console to enter the setup menu, find the “handle and sensor” setting item, and set “Pro handle wired connection” to “ON”.
  • Equipped with screen capture button, six-axis gyroscope gravity sensor, dual motor vibration, charging input interface, controller system update, handle design and other functions, to bring you a better gaming experience.
  • Designed with TYPE C interface, allowing players to charge the Switch console while playing games. Supports the original switching power adapter or the standard 15V PD protocol power adapter for charging. Provide fast charging data cable for easy charging
  • Ergonomic comfortable grip, smooth touch design, effectively relieve finger fatigue, easy to play games for a long time, curved grip, comfortable grip, large R / ZR & L / ZL button, suitable for most male big hands .

1. After removing the Switch game console, tear off the sticker on the handle of the system upgrade switch and use the iron pin to toggle the switch to the "on" state.

2. Press the "Left 3D Rocker" of the handle and insert the Type-c USB cable into the power connector of the handle and connect to the USB interface of the computer.
Release the "Left 3D Joystick" of the handle and open the upgrade package for upgrade.

3. After the upgrade is complete, toggle the "system upgrade switch" back to the "off" state.

product contains:
1*N-switch controller
1*Tpye-c data cable 100mm
1*3 rocker caps (different models
1* instruction manual

This product is a dedicated handle for N-Switch mainframes. It is not a wireless controller;
it is suitable for most N-Switch games, but it is not compatible with Pokémon, Mario Party.







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