Zacro GameCube Controller Adapter For Switch/WII U/PC

👍This GameCube controller adapter supports up to 4 GameCube controllers. Specially support Super Smash Bros. (Ultimate) on Nintendo Switch and Wii U. [NOTE: Switch console and GameCube controller not included]

👍TURBO and HOME Buttons - With these additional buttons on GameCube adapter, it will be more convenient and you will have a better gaming experience during the game.

👍Powered by two USB Ports - No AC Adapter required, No Driver required and No Delay. Just connect this GameCube controller adapter Switch to the GameCube controller and game console, you can easily enjoy the games.

👍Support with Switch, Wii U and PC - Please select "Wii U/Switch" or "PC" mode through the switch on the back of the device.


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