Zacro Photography Backdrop,1.5×2.1M Woodenland for Photography,Video and Television Shooting

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Product ID: 821906438625
Product ID Type: upc
Brand Name: Zacro

  • Material: vinyl, cost-effective, good printing effect, colorful, light material, professional photo cloth
  • 1.5 * 2.1m background cloth size, the wooden board style plus the effect of the lamp
  • The background cloth is not a wallpaper, it is a setoff, creating an environment, much cheaper than wallpaper! And the background cloth not only reflects light, but also it has absorbance!
  • 10* double-sided tape, the background cloth can be directly pasted to the wall, no need to hang
  • The product includes: 3M plastic sticker *10, instruction manual *1, 1.5 * 2.1m background cloth *1

❗The background cloth can't be stained with water.
❗Iron the back of the Photography Backdrop with low temperature, After ironing won't affect the shooting effect



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