Zacro Tape Measure Body Fat Caliper

Easy to use: Get quick and accurate results in just 3 quick steps: Pinch - Click - Read. Check your results on our measurement chart in the manual. Just match the results from the caliper tool.
Material: ABS plastic; Size: 11 (W) x 16.8 (L) x 0.5 cm (thickness), Body fat caliper measurement range is 0 to 70 mm; Body tape measure is 150 cm (4.92 feet).
Accurate Body Fat Reading: Measure your body fat by gauging your skinfold thickness which can measure many parts, not based on the weight and height.
Full Set Include: 1* Body Fat Caliper, 1*Measure Tape and 1*user Manual, design for tracking the change of the fat.
Measure tape: In order to facilitate reading the data in the slot, the mark starts with 5 cm (2 inches), NOT START FROM 0 cm.

This product is special designed for tracking the change of the fat. The best way to keep track of your progress is by measuring your body fat. Since the majority of your body fat is underneath your skin, the best method for testing your body fat percentage is through the skinfold method.

So how do you measure your body fat percentage with the skinfold method?

You can do so in 3 steps. Pinch, Click and Read. You can do so privately or with someone's help if you prefer sharing that information. To start with, make sure the slide on the curved part of the caliper tool is all the way to the right.

Pinch: While standing, with your fingers 2-3 inches apart, firmly grasp the suprailliac skinfold (the area above your hips) between the thumb and index finger of your left hand. Gently pull the skinfold away from your body. Pull the skin and underlying at away from the muscle tissue.

Click It: With the Caliper Tool in your right hand, place the jaws over your skinfold about from your left thumb and index finger. The caliper tool should be halfway between the base and crest of the fold. It should be perpendicular to the fold. Now with your thumb press the Caliper Tool until you feel a slight "click". Release the jaws of the caliper tool and record your measurement to the nearest millimeter.

Read: Refer to the male or female chart to determine your body fat percentage at the intersection of your age and millimeter reading.

How to use the tape measure:

1. Place the plastic pin at the end of the tape into the hole on the plastic holder.
2. Press the button and read the measurement result.


Size: 11 (W) x 16.8 (L) x 0.5 cm (thickness)
Material: ABS plastic
Color: Black
Measurement range: 0 to 70 mm
Body tape measure: 150 cm (4.92 feet)

Package included:
1 x Zacro Body Fat Caliper
1 x User Manual
1 x Zacro Measure Tape


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