Zacro Watch Adjustable Opener Back Case Press Closer Remover Repair Watchmaker Tool & Watch Case Back Opener Repair Remover Holder Tool

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Brand Name: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro

UPC: 606794744498

  • 100% brand new and high quality which made of steel material ,the tips can adjust Jaw distance from 15MM to 60MM.
  • Adjustable tempered pins for easy use on water resistant cases
  • The watch case holder tool with 4 hard adjustable plastic pins will minimize the risk of slipping and scratching
  • It can be set in different positions for different cases with different sizes
  • The perfect professional tool set for watch repairing, note: The appearance of watch back base opener has been updated

Zacro Watch Back Case Opener
* This is a new waterproof watch back case wrench.
* Simple to use and fully adjustable, it have adjustable tempered pins for easy use on water resistant cases.
* Its compact size makes it very convenient to use.
* Jaw distance is adjustable from 15mm to 60mm
* Material: steel
* Color: blue Zacro Watch Case Holder
* It is used for securing watch cases while opening and closing waterproof backs.
* The large case holder is useful for holding large watches, including Divers-type watches in place, while using a hand wrench to open case back.
* The tool is used to minimize the risk of slipping and scratching the backs of watches.
* The tool can also be used as a holder while watch is being worked on.
* The unit comes with base and 4 adjustable nylon pegs.
* The tool vise may be mounted on a desk or work bench. Unit will firmly holds cases up 70mm in diameter.

Package included:
1 x Zacro Watch Back Case Opener
1 x Zacro Watch Holder


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