Zacro Watercolour Brush Pen Set with 24 Colors Brush Pens,1 Water Brush,2 Drawing Stencils,8 Drawing paper,with Soft and Flexible Nylon Tip,suitable for Calligraphy,Painting,Colouring,Drawing and Writing

👌【Various and Colourful】 There are 24 classic and common colors, 1 water tank brush and 2 Drawing Stencils, and 8 professional painting papers. Different combinations will fully satisfy your creative inspiration.
👌【Flexible Nylon Tips】 Each tip is made of soft and durable nylon that retains its original condition even when used multiple times, allowing you to freely sketch out the lines and create colour washes, gradients, ombre effects or simply layer to experience a deep, intense colourful result.
👌【Strong Fluidity】 The uniform color flow of the brush prevents streaks and stains.With strong ink absorbing ability .Quickly drying can achieve the desired effect.
👌【Environmental Safety】 Watercolor pens certified by LHAMA, EN71, TRA, tasteless, acid free, non-toxic, safe and reliable.
👌【Surprise Gift】 Zacro watercolor pen set 24 + 1+2+8, suitable for adult and children coloring, comics, comics, calligraphy. This is an ideal gift.Your satisfaction is our first priority. We offer you 100% satisfaction ,replacement or money back.
What you get:
1 * 24 watercolor pencils
1 * 1 water tank brush
1 * 2 Drawing Stencils
1 * 8 professional painting papers

Great Experience:
👍Zacro Watercolour Brush Pen with different combinations will full satisfy your creative inspiration.

👍You can use a water tank brush to mix two or more different colors to create a gradient.

The watercolor brush can be used several times.

👍If you accidentally dye the clothes, you can easily rinse them off, except cotton clothes.

👉Children under the age of 3 should be accompanied by the adult when using the watercolor pens.

👉Make sure the cap stays tight after use to keep the brush from drying out,to get the best performance the next time you use it.

👉If the brush is too dry, drop some water on the brush, then cover it and keep it upright for 1-2 minutes.

Your satisfaction is our first priority. We offer you 100% satisfaction ,replacement or money back.


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