Zacro 2 Pack Full Magnetic GB Plate Sticker for Driving Abroad

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  • Product ID:  714394991638
    Product ID Type:  upc
    Manufacturer:  Zacro
    Brand Name:  Zacro
  • Extra thick: 0.6mm
  • Package includes: 2 * magnetic GB sticker
  • Strong magnetism enables the GB plate to stick firmly on the rear of your car
  • Waterproof and long lifespan
  • Clear and easy to read “GB”: Zacro Euro GB Sticker is good for driving abroad.
  • Do I need a GB sticker in Europe? Yes you do.

    It is an International legal requirement that every motor vehicle driving through a different country from its original one in Europe has a national plate clearly displayed to show which country it is from, or you will get an on-the-spot fine.

    Zacro magnetic GB sticker is your perfect choice. It can be applied easily with no need for adhesive. You also could take it off when you don’t need it and keep your car clean.

    Before putting the plates, please make sure the place where you put is clean, dry and flat.

    Package includes: 
    2 * Zacro full magnetic GB stickers




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