Zacro 310 Lumens 2600mAh Bike Lights Set + Tail Light IPX4 Waterproof Headlight Speaker Switch Button – Wire-controlled Bicycle Headlight Lighting Switch – USB Rechargeable

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Manufacturer:  Zacro

Brand Name:  Zacro

【Super Bright And Adjustable Brightness Modes】Bicycle light set provides safe night driving. Super Bright Bike Lights(with 310 Lumens front light and 150 Lumens tail light).Headlight has 6 brightness modes:High – Mid – Low – Slight – Slow Flash – Fast Flash – Off (Long press 2 seconds to turn it off )Tail light has 3 brightness modes(High-Low -Fast flash-Off).

【Equipped With Free Speaker And Remote Control】100 dB bicycle horn and remote control for brightness adjustment, mounted on the handlebar and can be operated with one hand while driving, making your trip safer.

【2* USB Cables Provided For USB Rechargeable Bike Lights】The battery indicator of the front and rear lights reminds you to charge the battery in time. Please charge the battery regularly so that the lights work properly and you can ride the bike safely.

【Easy To Install And Remove】 The bike light set can be easily installed and removed without any tools. Elastic rubber straps are suitable for most bicycles.

【Waterproof & Multi Purpose】The IPX4 waterproof bicycle light protects against harsh weather conditions and is ideal for outdoor use such as camping, hiking and cycling ,or other nighttime work.




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