Zacro 60pcs 19/25/32mm Black Metal Office Paper Clamps, Foldback Binder Clips/Klemmer for Closing Plastic Bags, Securing Documents, Office Organize

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Product ID:  714394994523
Product ID Type:  upc
Brand:  Zacro
Manufacturer:  Zacro

Package includes: 60pcs Zacro black paper clips.Three specifications of clamping distance: 19mm, 25mm, 32mm. Each specification 20pcs.

Various use: the clips can be used to clamp files or papers, keep packages of cookies, candy and chips closed, even hang or clip USB cables. It’s so handy for everything.

Occasion to use: good for home, office or school use, keep things neat; they can be folded up for easy use; Easy to clip and remove.

Material: the office clip is made of metal material, the arm is easy and convenient to clip and release contents.

Function: Foldback clip keeps files together to prevent papers from slipping or pulling out.

Zacro foldback clips are ideal for securing documents together or office organize. Their strong body holds papers tightly and they also feature thick durable handles for easy release of contents. Besides, their long binder arms can let you release the document from the clips easily. One package includes 60 foldback clips of 19/25/32mm, and every dimension has 20pcs.


Material: metal
Specifications: 19 /25 /32 mm
Color: black
Quantity: 60




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