Zacro Bike Helmet, Cycle Helmet for Bike Riding Safety with Removable Visor and Liner (54-62cm), Matte Black

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Brand Name: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro

UPC: 714394994493

  • Suitable head circumference – 54-62cm adjustable strap with a dial the rear of helmet
  • Tough and durable PVC & PC, EPS foam material – Zacro cycle helmet helps absorbing impact and protect rider’s head during crash
  • Soft and adjustable nylon chin strap – Without discomfort after a long time wear
  • Drop- shape and ventilation design – Drop shape helps to decrease air resistance
  • Easy detachable visor and liner – convenient to use and clean



Before purchase, please measure your head circumference to make sure the helmet is suitable for you.

Suitable head circumference: 54-62cm

Inner dimension:

Width: 17cm

Length: 14-21cm

Height: 11cm

Materials: PVC + PC + EPS

Weight: 235g

Warranty: 45 days money-back & 24-month warranty. Any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will get you back within 24 hours.

Price: £ 32.99

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