Z a c r o Watch Press Set, Watch Back Case Closer, Watchmaker Watch Repair Tool Kit with 12p c s Fitting Dies from 18mm to 50mm and 1 p c s Wipe Cloth

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Brand: Zacro

Manufacturer: Zacro

UPC: 714394991645


  • Coming with 12 dies allowing for 50/48mm, 46/44mm, 42/40mm, 38/36mm, 34/33mm, 32/31mm, 30/28mm, 26/24mm, 23/21mm, 20/18mm.
  • ABS plastic dies with a metal screw in the middle make it more durable, and won’t scratch your watch.
  • Easy & quick to fix watch: only three steps – choose two suitable dies, screw them on the press tool, and then press down the handle.
  • Good for closing your snap back watch case after repairing job.
  • Bonus cleaning cloth for padding under your watch while press to protect your watch well.


Product description

How to use:

1: Select a die that is larger than the surface of the watch and install it on screw at the top of the machine.

2: Select another die that is smaller than the watch back cover and install on the screw at the bottom.

3: Place the watch on the bottom die and make sure it is in the correct position. It is better to pad a cleaning cloth under the watch.

4: Gently press the handle to close the watch back cover.

Handle length: 18.3cm


Package included: 
1 * Zacro Watch Press Tool
12 * Zacro Dies
1* Zacro Glasses Cloth


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